Your Last Big Gig – Finding The Beginning of Your Yellow Brick Road

You have decided to rethink your last big gig – to challenge yourself to design a new professional experience that balances all of your experience and achievements with a desire to create a truly amazing opportunity that will meet all of your needs – financial, intellectual, emotional, giving back beyond yourself – however you define your goals.  So where do you start?  How do you find the beginning of your yellow brick road to take you to Oz?

When I started to think about finding the start of my yellow brick road a couple of years ago, I was at a very low point.  What I thought was my last big gig, ended up being one of the most challenging and least successful gigs of my professional career.  And it was definitely, not my last big gig, as I need both the financial security and intellectual and emotional satisfaction from continuing to work.   I wasn’t ready to sit back and live on my memories; I wanted to continue learning and contributing in meaningful ways.

But, I struggled with where to start.  And, unlike Dorothy, I didn’t have a bunch of helpful munchkins to lead me to the start of my yellow brick road.  Even on the ubiquitous internet, I did not find much help.  Most of the information and support focused on business planning and development tools for entrepreneurs or career advancement for professionals.  Not really on target for a woman of a certain age who wanted to design an amazing Last Big Gig.

After a bit of wandering around Munchkinville, I began to find a few sign posts.  I stumbled on some relevant books, the world of coaching, and some inspirational colleagues.  But, for an experienced professional, it was too hit or miss to feel comfortable.  I was looking for a more thoughtful set of directions that would help me find the start and keep me on moving forward on my own yellow brick road.

And then, like Glinda descending from the heavens (I can hear Kristen Chenoweth singing in Wicked on Broadway), I discovered Design Thinking.  Now many of you might say what is Design Thinking?   And for those who are familiar with its tenets, you might say what could it possible have to do with my Last Big Gig?

Quite simply, Design Thinking is an approach, a set of tools that can help you better identify your most heartfelt needs and desires toward designing your best gig ever.  Design Thinking focuses on opening up your right brain – your empathy, creativity, intuition – so that it can work equally well with your left brain – all of your experience, analytical ability and strategic thinking – to create significant, disruptive, future possibilities.  It provides a structured yellow brick path that can reveal all of your deepest desires, your riches gifts and enable you to design possible Last Big Gigs beyond your imagination.

So where do you start?  What do you do first to get to the beginning of your own path to Oz?

  • First relax – there is a path and I can share it with you.
  • Second, get ready for some fun and some amazing new revelations and deeper understandings of yourself.
  • And most of all, feel more confident that your most amazing Last Big Gig is an even closer possibility because it already lives inside you.

Marigold signatureMary Wallace Jaensch

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