You always had a clear picture of how great these years would be at this stage of your life. Fun, active, satisfied. That’s because you know your stuff and what it takes to be successful. Your intellect, well-honed mind and passion
were going to make up for any loss of natural
hair color or hormones. This chapter of your life
was going to be fabulous.

Then, the great picture of how things would be
changed…. a lot. And suddenly, you had a
big wake-up call.

And now…

You’re in a job that no longer satisfies or excites you the way it once did… gritting your teeth until retirement so you can finally start living that life you’ve dreamed about.

You’re feeling invisible and unseen because, well you’re no longer the young one in the room.

A divorce, diagnosis or death has left you terrified about insurance plans, 401Ks, and impending loneliness.

An unexpected layoff or restructuring hit the brakes of your career and left you all
dressed up (in your best suit)…with nowhere to go.

Whatever your recent experience has been, you are feeling that the things you so
valued and believed in have disappeared. But somewhere in you all that energy,
brilliance and experience is still there. And it’s nudging you to remember it.

There’s a reason why you’ve found your way here today.

What if…

… you could create something beautiful and lucrative that’s all your own
(instead of being fearful, checking out or telling stories)?

…you could thrive doing what you loved and making money at it (instead of
waiting to have all the fun after you turn 65)?

…you could be an example and leave a legacy for your children and grand children
(instead of worrying or stressing them)?

…you could wake each morning happy and fulfilled—excited to live your life
right now?

What if your next years of your life became your glory years,
Serving yourself and the world in your Last Big Gig?

I’m Mary Wallace Jaensch and like you, I have a lot of energy, ideas and
experience. And like you, I had a big wake-up call in the past several years.

It taught me that I can make a great living that incorporates all the skills,
experiences, capabilities and gifts that I’ve accrued in four decades of creating
valued innovation for my clients… Along with doing the things that make me feel
free, happy and fulfilled.

My last big gig? It’s simple. Helping you create YOURS.

What are you waiting for?

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Mary, you are a master of co-creation! In just one quick call you were able to see my vision and translate it into 3 concrete, marketable ideas to move my business forward. I’m constantly amazed at how you work this magic of yours. Your ability to see beneath the surface of an entrepreneur’s fledgling idea and bring forth such a dead-on accurate representation of her true aspirations, with ten times the clarity she started with, is a true gift. In fact, it’s priceless. You are definitely not charging enough for this genius!

Amy Birks, Strategy Ninja for Entrepreneurs | Founder –

You nailed it! I felt in this session you acted as a career coach, psychologist, biz dev and happiness yogi all in one! It was an amazing experience forme! Woman are caregivers and we alway take care of everyone else, in this session it was an opportunity to take care of myself from a 360’ perspective and look at where I was, how it shaped me (good/bad), where I am, and where I am going.


About Mary

When I was in college, busily working on a political science degree, my advisor told me my thinking was unfocused—that I was too all over the place. She said I’d have to get a lot more linear if I ever wanted to be successful.

I believed her. So while I have always been a very intuitive person, I let my mind rule—and buried my intuition away.

In many ways, doing this served me very well. After graduation, I was one of just 17 women accepted into the first class at the Yale School of Management. Later, I started my own consulting business, designed it to work with my life as a young mother of three and went on to enjoy an extremely successful career.

I became very successful helping companies and teams imagine new possibilities and innovate new solutions. I could genuinely understand my clients’ perceptions, beliefs and desires—from their point of view… without judgment.

After many years on very pleasant cruise control in business, something happened that changed everything. I found myself at the helm of a start-up company that, manufactured and marketed a female sexual health product—and realized quickly that I had made a wrong turn. I had followed my mind and ignored my intuition, one too many times.

While it took some time, I ultimately stumbled… hard, and was fired for the first time in my professional career.

And after years and years of strategizing, working, traveling and shutting off my feelings, here’s what I did: I sat in my garden. I cried. I read dozens of books. I listened to my body and began to understand deep-down what the universe wanted me to do.

Be still and listen.

For several months I wandered in that wilderness without a map or a clue. Eventually I found a business coach who asked me hard questions. Hiring her was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I spent a year putting all the pieces together.

I changed. My life changed. My whole way of doing business changed.

Last Big Gig was born.

Last Big Gig is the perfect culmination of my life, my experiences, my stumbles and my healing.

I have learned some things in the last few years. If you’d asked me what I believed in a decade ago, I would probably have said something very different.

Today I believe:

In myself
All things are possible and age is irrelevant.
We are what most gets in our way (and there is a purpose to that).
When we need them, the guides are sent.
My purpose in the world is bigger than my fear.
I am here to help you unlock the door right in front of you.

I’d love to hear your story and help you discover all the passions and dreams that you may have been holding off, while you got on with life. Just click the box above to schedule a quick call to talk about all of your possibilities for your most amazing Last Big Gig!

Work With Mary

I am delighted that you are interested in working with me to design your most
amazing Last Big Gig – so you can do what you love to do, the way you love to do it,
for the rewards that are important to you!

First step, take a minute to schedule a quick chat to make sure that we are a great fit.
Just tap into my calendar (link to TimeTrade) and pick a great time for you to call me
and get to know me and my approach better.

And here are a few ways that I am helping my clients right now…

  • Reconnect to deep passions and dreams that may have been put on hold by
    the requirements of building a career, having a family, and the busyness of life.
    Use those passions and dreams to build something amazing.
  • Create new business models and opportunities that best leverage existing
    experience, skills, interests and capabilities to grow unique, innovative
    business and professional opportunities.
  • Design innovative, custom approaches to building businesses – unique
    approaches to finding ideal clients and customers, new ways to deliver a
    compelling message and deliver the products or services in a more compelling
  • Connect to a strong network of women working on the same challenges who
    bring their unique skills, capabilities and gifts to support designing unique
    Big Gigs.


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